2017 AASHTO GIS for Transportation Symposium
Monday, April 10 - Thursday, April 13, 2017, Phoenix, Arizona

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Timmons Group     Booth 7     www.timmons.com 

Timmons Group is a leading provider of geospatial, information architecture and engineering services focusing on developing intuitive, enterprise geospatial web applications, highly-usable, cross-device mobile applications, and integrated, geospatially-enabled enterprise solutions. Timmons Group develops innovative solutions across multiple platforms, including web, web-based mobile / HTML5, and native mobile operating systems.  Timmons Group maintains a strong business partner relationship with Esri to provide solutions to clients nationwide for all facets of government. Timmons Group has been a recipient of both the Esri Business Partner of the Year award and the Esri Foundation Partner of the Year award.


Applied Geographics, Inc     Booth 8    HTTPS://www.appgeo.com/          

Applied Geographics, Inc. (AppGeo, www.AppGeo.com) provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geospatial Information Technology (geospatial IT) consulting services and custom solutions that help businesses to increase profitability and government departments to increase efficiency and service. AppGeo’s continual innovation on today’s leading geospatial platforms and Web technologies (Google, Esri, CartoDB, Open Source and others) makes us your go-to partner for “going beyond traditional GIS. 


Bentley   Booth 9     www.bentley.com

Bentley is a global leader dedicated to providing engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for advancing infrastructure.  Founded in 1984, Bentley has more than 3,000 colleagues in over 50 countries, more than $600 million in annual revenues, and since 2008 has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions.


Certainty 3D     Booth 10    www.certainty3d.com   

Certainty 3D is based in Orlando, FL USA. TopoDOT®, Certainty 3D’s primary product, is a CAD application providing a comprehensive solution to managing data, assessing quality and extracting topographies, assets and 3D models from data produced by static, mobile and airborne laser scanning systems. TopoDOT® is also widely used to process point clouds developed from camera images on UAV platforms.  The TopoDOT® tool suite strikes the right balance between automation, deliverable quality and reliability.  TopoDOT®’s unique licensing program offers our customers extremely high value. A single annual maintenance fee is based entirely on usage and includes online training and support services at no extra cost.  Our customers only pay an annual maintenance fee based on the number of days they used TopoDOT® collectively across an unlimited number of workstations. The Certainty 3D team has decades of experience in the laser scanning industry offering our customers a complete range of training and support services. The TopoDOT® user community is worldwide with a presence in North America, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.


Cambridge Systematics     Booth 11    www.camsys.com   

Cambridge Systematics, Inc. specializes in transportation with a dedication to ensuring that our clients’ investments can deliver the best possible results. Leveraging our extensive experience bringing the full range of geospatial technologies to transportation challenges, we develop solutions that enable our clients to apply geospatial methods to their business activities. We collaborate on efforts ranging from visualizing and measuring the impact of transportation projects to designing enterprise GIS systems.       

By providing innovative solutions across modes of transportation in planning, modeling, operations and software applications, we help our clients to make decisions that meet future transportation needs while improving the performance of existing infrastructure. We foster strong relationships with our clients grounded in our deep commitment to making transportation better for future generations.     

For more information, please visit our exhibit booth and go to www.camsys.com. 


Hexagon Geosystems     Booth 12     www.hexagongeospatial.com 

Hexagon AB develops information technology solutions that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes. In our world, information technology is about extracting insight from data. We call this actionable information. Actionable information enables automated processes and aids decision making.


The Hexagon Imagery Program (HxIP) is a nationwide orthorectified aerial imagery program designed specifically to meet the needs of the geospatial professional. The HxIP consists of nationwide 30 cm/1 foot Wide Area Coverage and 15 cm/6 inch Urban Area Coverage in areas with a population greater than 50,000. All data is professional quality 4 band (RGB,IR) imagery meeting defined accuracy and radiometric specifications adhering to industry standard photogrammetric processes and procedures.


The HxIP is licensed image data available as a cloud based streaming service (WMS, WMTS, REST) or as a physical pixel delivery for internal use and dissemination.


Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure    Booth 13, 14    www.hexagonsafetyinfrastructure.com 

 Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure offers intelligent design tools that create and maintain accurate and functional, location-based models of the facility network and solutions to monitor and manage network operations and responses to outages. These are supported by both horizontal capabilities – such as enterprise mobility, reporting, and analytics – and complementary workflow-based solutions for specific functions from customer relations to physical security.


Crucially, our solutions deliver the richer and more functionally capable data models and interoperability interfaces needed to support real-time operations, automation, and coordination across systems. This enables operators to develop closer interaction and coordination between the systems, processes and data of network operations, network engineering, and customer services – whether in the office or the field.


GeoDecisions     Booth 15, 16    www.geodecisions.com  

GeoDecisions has partnered with clients throughout the U.S. and abroad to design, develop, and deploy leading edge, disruptive GIS tools and applications that improve decision-making. Backed by Gannett Fleming, our rock-solid engineering parent company established in 1915, we combine the best talent and resources from across our firm to deliver the best business solutions.


Planning, budgeting, managing assets and data, and optimizing resources are critically important in today’s global economy. Our geographic information system (GIS) offerings empower organizations to better integrate, analyze, and visualize data and improve their bottom line.


Partnering with industry leaders such as Esri®, our turnkey approach encompasses strategic planning and implementation design through system integration and testing.


Our business specialties benefit the logistics and fleet management, insurance and financial, municipal and facility asset management, transportation, and utility markets.


GeoDecisions provides data management, mapping technology tools, and products that help clients successfully navigate change.


Arcadis     Booth 17    www.arcadis.com  

Arcadis is the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. Applying our deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services we work in partnership with our clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the lifecycle of their natural and built assets. We are 27,000 people active in over 70 countries that generate $3.5 billion in revenues. We support UN-Habitat with knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world.  Arcadis. Improving quality of life.


Safe Software     Booth 18     www.safe.com  

Safe Software is the maker of FME and global leader in spatial data transformation. FME connects data between 350+ formats including GIS, CAD, database, tabular, BIM, 3D, point cloud / LiDAR, raster, XML, and cloud. With FME’s intuitive interface, users create automated workflows that can extract, transform, load, integrate, validate, and share data, without writing code. Desktop, server, and cloud deployment options save time and money on any size project. Since 1993, FME has helped thousands of customers worldwide leverage their data so it can be used exactly where, when, and how it’s needed.


tsaADVET     Booth 19    www.tsaadvet.com 

From our offices in Pennsylvania and Florida tsaADVET provides direct development, sales, support and training for our customers throughout North America.  tsaADVET has been providing Engineering Document Management Solutions (EDMS) for over three decades through our Falcon/DMS family of products.  An EDMS solution today that does not address GIS integration would be incomplete. Our Falcon/API technology (in use at many utility companies, municipalities and DOTs) allows for secure GIS based access to Falcon/DMS managed project documents. Visit booth 19 to see live demonstrations of actual client sites.


Mandli Communications     Booth 20   mandli.com  

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Mandli is an industry leader in specialized highway data collection and the integration of 3D pavement technology, mobile LiDAR, and geospatial data collection equipment for various Departments of Transportation throughout the United States. Together with a suite of supporting GIS software and services, Mandli has enabled their clients to design, manage and maintain safe and efficient transportation infrastructure networks.


Since 1983, Mandli has worked with over 30 states across the country, and has brought technology solutions to several nations outside of the U.S. Mandli functions exclusively from the Wisconsin office, and all data is processed and reduced in-house.


Blue Marble Geographics     Booth 21     www.bluemarblegeo.com 

Since the early 1990s, Blue Marble Geographics has been a pioneer in the development of powerful and innovative geospatial software. Widely regarded for its expertise in coordinate conversion and file format support, Blue Marble’s products include Geographic Calculator, the paradigm for highly accurate spatial data conversion and advanced projection management; Global Mapper, a fully-functional and affordable GIS application; and the Global Mapper LiDAR Module, a suite of powerful point cloud processing tools.


Voyager Search     Booth 22     www.voyagersearch.com   

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Voyager Search was born out of an observed need. Organizations amass large amounts of geospatial data but often lack an effective, efficient way of systemizing and understanding that data. As the only install-and-go Solr/Lucene search engine, Voyager's simple user interface, Navigo, offers Fortune 500 businesses, government entities, and multinational organizations throughout the world easy-to-use search, data management, document delivery, and map visualization capabilities. Voyager reads and understands geospatial information natively, bringing the best of modern search together with the most up-to-date spatial technology. We specialize in indexing spatial and non-spatial content, location based search and adding spatial context to non-spatial content, enabling users to find the information they need, when they need it.


Works Consulting    Booth 27     www.gisworks.com 

Works Consulting is a transportation data services consultant specializing in the creation, maintenance, and analytics of transportation information that carries spatial context. Through the years, we have developed our craft in linear referencing systems—and have become nationally known for our data scrubbing and analytic capabilities, primarily through services using our LrsTools for ArcGIS extensions inside of the Esri GIS software framework.  In recent years, we have diversified into areas of safety, performance management, and tribal planning where we believe our data services experience can be applied to the most benefit.  Works Consulting is headquartered in Arizona with a very capable staff that has primarily focused on Arizona DOT projects, but is now making headlines in other states with their Curve & Grade Tools for ArcGIS – a utility that provides MIRE and HPMS curve data to transportation data practitioners


PMG     Booth 28    www.pmgpro.com  

PMG Software Professionals is an Information Technology consulting group offering a full complement of consulting and software development services. From business analysis and management to comprehensive software development, PMG brings a vast array of skill and know-how to bear. Focusing on Transportation and GIS, we deliver years of experience to these communities as well as to the vendors that serve them.

Founded in 2006 PMG has a proven, verifiable track record of success with highly satisfied clients. The principal consultants of our business are exceptional and possess a wealth of transportation and IT experience. As we continue to grow, our skill sets and proficiencies only improve. With a focus in the state government transportation industry we are ready to put our expertise to use at any DOT.


MS2     Booth 29    www.ms2soft.com

MS2 (Ann Arbor, Michigan) is a software developer specializing in transportation data management systems.  Our cloud-based database applications map traffic count stations, crash locations, intersections, travel time data and other data sets on a hybrid Google/ESRI map.


Gistic Research, Inc    Booth 30    gisticinc.com 

Gistic is the proud creator of the LinearBench® product suite that leads the industry in transportation data quality assurance, integration, analysis and visualization on modern and open platforms.


Progressive Technology Federal Systems    Booth 31    www.ptfs.com  

PTFS develops Geospatial Content Management (GeoCMS) software and solutions for Federal, Civilian, Defense, and Intelligence agencies as well as State, Local and Academic organizations. PTFS' Knowvation GS™ analytics platform supports a variety of CONOPS that manage vast quantities of geospatial sensor information and other all-source data obtained from a diverse set of sources including satellite, airborne/drone and open source. PTFS' Droneware™ is a SaaS GeoCMS product hosted in the Amazon cloud that allows secure management and discovery of UAV/UAS data accessible from anywhere, anytime!


Deighton Associates     Booth 32     www.deighton.com 

Deighton Associates Limited (Deighton) has established itself as one of the world leaders in providing asset management systems and asset management expertise at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels for agencies around the world. Recognized as the premier software product for infrastructure asset management, dTIMS® is used to manage large infrastructure networks in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and the United States. These infrastructure networks include hundreds of thousands of miles of pavements, thousands of bridges, and millions of wastewater, storm water, and fresh water distribution pipe assets.


Data Transfer Solutions     Booth 33, 34    www.dtsgis.com 

Data Transfer Solutions, LLC. (DTS) is a nationally recognized leader in Intelligent Asset Management and Geospatial Solutions. Started as a Geographic Information Systems solutions provider in 2006, DTS is committed to client success for all levels of government and the private sector. Makers of VUEWorks® Software, DTS is the industry leader in performance-based asset management with our enterprise software solution that is configurable and scalable and that offers a system of record to be relied upon. VUEWorks includes data linking for integration with existing systems, is both GIS-centric and facilities based and has work management and inventory capabilities. DTS offers a fleet of highly equipped Mobile Asset Collection vehicles to gather and process asset information efficiently. When a solution is not readily available, our agile-based Software Development provides custom software development services – examples include award-winning Enterprise Portals, industry specific solutions and responsive user-designed solutions.


Transcend Spatial    Booth 35,36     transcendspatial.com  

Transcend is a Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) services and products company founded in the State of Florida in 2010.  Our professionals have many years of transportation, GIS and technology experience.  Transcend specializes in transportation business and data processes, data integration and reporting, and spatial data design and visualization.  We have years of experience integrating and effectively reporting roadway characteristics, Highway Performance Monitoring Systems (HPMS), traffic, crash, pavement, safety, bridge, planning and project, and financial data.  In addition, Transcend’s technical professionals have experience in the latest technologies being used by transportation agencies today. Whether implementing products, streamlining complex data integration processes, building custom applications, or collecting state-of-the-art integrated LiDAR and imagery data, Transcend is committed to delivering performance beyond expectations.


ikeGPS     Booth 37     ikegps.com   

ikeGPS is changing the way the world is measured, utilizing its smart laser measurement solution called Spike to capture, record and export measurement and location data.  Spike is a mobile field collection solution that enables a user to use their own mobile device to measure and collect the GPS location of an object by simply taking a photo.”  Spike makes measurement simple and easy for anyone with a mobile phone or tablet to collect actionable information onsite. 


IkeGPS has sold over 30,000 Spike units since our launch in late 2015. Spike is currently deployed in ten State DOT’s for applications including facilities inspection, asset management, signage inventory, vegetation and right of way management.  Spike is in use across thousands of additional users including construction & engineering groups, defense, federal, state and local government organizations, insurance, and signage companies.


HOLMANS USA, LLC     Booth 38    www.holmans.com  

HOLMANS USA, LLC is your friend in the field. Our expertise encompasses a wide selection of GPS systems, high-definition scanners, lasers, optical surveying instruments, civil survey software, and HP plotters. We provide sales, training, and technical support for every customer based on 60 years of business experience. Holman’s is here to help you make informed decisions and provide you with world-class service for the life of the equipment.


InfoGroup     Booth 39     www.infogroup.com  

Infogroup Government Services is the leading provider of address based physical location data. Infogroup provides detailed elements for 31 million business locations and 125 million household locations nationwide. All location data is geo referenced and available in flat file formats. Historical benchmark data is also available in the same formats.  Current subscribers include GIS professionals in transportation, regional planning, economic development, E911, law enforcement and numerous other mapping verticals. If you are looking for employment data, all geographic industry research or socio economic impact related to transportation projects, Infogroup data provides these insights and more.


Resource Data, Inc.      Booth 40     www.resdat.com/about

Resource Data, Inc. (RDI) has been a leader in GIS since 1986. For three decades we have provided enterprise GIS design and implementation, database services and data management, application development, and GIS consulting. We are a full-service software development firm with 15 years of transportation industry experience.  We have over 35 GIS specialists, as well as dozens of project managers, business analysts, and other IT staff. Our offices are located in Anchorage, Boise, Houston, Minneapolis, Portland and Juneau.


1Spatial     Booth 41    www.1spatial.com/us

1Spatial specialize in solving a data challenges. We work alongside key stakeholders within an organisation to understand data requirements and link them to the underlying business needs. Using our constant data assessment methodology, and specialist tools, we assess data quality; improve understanding and model customer outcomes. Our clients include: Arizona DOT, US Census Bureau, Ordnance Survey GB, United Utilities, Northumbrian Water and Environment Agency.


We partner with some of the leading technology vendors including, Esri, Oracle, and SAP. Our goal is simply to make your data smarter.


Latitude Geographics     Booth 42     www.latitudegeo.com   

Latitude Geographics Group Ltd. is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software development and services company.


Latitude’s Geocortex products and solutions address common GIS application development challenges organizations encounter when deploying Esri web GIS technology. They offer pragmatic solutions to improve developer productivity, help solve complex business problems, and enable a better user experience.


Michael Baker International     Booth 43     www.mbakerintl.com

Michael Baker International is a national leader in implementing straightforward approaches for the development and deployment of scalable enterprise Geospatial Information Technology (GIT) solutions. We understand that efficient asset management is vital to the protection and sustainability of our natural resources and the resiliency of constructed assets. We maintain a fleet of Mobile LiDAR vehicles also equipment for high quality pavement sensors to collect, process, and deliver comprehensive and consistent roadway asset data (i.e. pavement, roadway features, roadway geometry, etc.).  Our subject matter experts are familiar with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) regulations and how to apply these within DOT agencies. Our experts provide the necessary needs analyses, system planning and implementation, data conversion, and development of user interfaces to GIS and asset management systems with an emphasis on ease of use and error-free data. Michael Baker is committed to advancing our competitive technological edge and delivering best-in-class solutions. 


Delasoft, Inc     Booth 44     www.delasoft.com   

Delasoft Inc. is software services and Products Company headquartered in Newark, Delaware with offices in Chicago, Daytona Beach and Miami, and Raleigh.  Incorporated in May 2002, Delasoft is a woman owned minority business status, as certified by the State Of Delaware. Today we have over 200 employees working within several consulting and software development practices including ESRI GIS, .Net, Java, Oracle, IBM Maximo, COGNOS and HP Mercury. We have the talent pool and knowledge base to utilize the best industry practices and methodologies to help you achieve your Business objectives. We also have strategic alliance partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and HP.   Delasoft is an ISO 27000 Company.    We have developed and installed numerous products and custom applications at several state DOT's including automating HPMS reporting, Utility Permitting, Billboard inventory collection and management, and several mobility applications for Android and IOS.


Agile Assets    Booth 45     www.agileassets.com 

AgileAssets is a leading global provider of infrastructure asset management software for public agencies and private companies, featuring the industry’s broadest selection of modules and most advanced analytical technologies. AgileAssets software meets the toughest management requirements—while delivering the highest possible return on infrastructure investments by providing a comprehensive, integrated software suite to agencies throughout the world to maximize asset condition, maintenance budgets, and long-term lifecycles. In use by 22 state departments of transportation across the US and in 13 countries, AgileAssets’ proven solutions enable a systematic process for the complete life cycle management of infrastructure assets. With more than 28 years of experience, AgileAssets is a recognized leader in helping overcome ever-present budget constraints to make agencies more effective with their investments while saving money, time and lives. For additional information visit www.agileassets.com.


CityGate GIS     Booth 46     www.citygategis.com   

Citygate GIS is a software development and consulting company formed in 1986.  Citygate is the developer of the iOpenGov System.  iOpenGov is a GIS centric cloud hosted application developed to support the complete project development life cycle.  The application includes 4 primary modules. iOpenEngage which provides mobile and desktop tools for capturing citizen input.  IOpenDecision provides prioritization, including the ability for the software to suggest project foot prints, iOpenProcure which supports procurement, and contracting, and iOpenProject which provides tools for capital programming, project management, general ledger and scheduling.  For additional information or a demonstration, please contact Fred Hejazi at 410-295-3333 ext 111 or via email at fhejazi@citygategis.com


Atom     Booth 47     www.goatomapp.com 

Atom, built by SADA Systems in partnership with Collins Engineers, leverages Google's platform and infrastructure. In addition to being used by commercial and private organizations, Atom is configurable for city and state transportation departments that oversee and maintain regional and structural assets from vehicles to bridges, signs, and walkways.


Atom's market-leading software helps organizations make data-driven decisions on their assets including work order management, budget allocation, maintenance needs and more. Atom’s configurable portals aggregate all the data associated with an asset including inventory, risk, analytics, scheduling, work orders and workforce. With this data, users can leverage Atom's robust analytics and reporting for optimizing the asset lifecycle and risk management.


Google     Booth 48, 49     www.google.com 

More than 3 million websites and mobile applications use the precise location data from Google Maps to create powerful experiences and inform business decisions. From asset tracking to delivery services, today's most innovative businesses depend on the speed, accuracy, and comprehensive coverage of our mapping and location services. See how location intelligence can help you find transformative opportunities at https://enterprise.google.com/maps/


Hexagon Geospatial   Booth 50   www.hexagongeospatial.com

Hexagon Geospatial helps you make sense of the dynamically changing world. Known globally as a maker of leading-edge technology, we enable our customers to easily transform their data into actionable information, shortening the lifecycle from the moment of change to action. Hexagon Geospatial provides the software products and platforms to a large variety of customers through direct sales, channel partners, and Hexagon businesses. 


Arkansas (2018 Host State)     Booth 52


US Census Bureau    Booth 53     www.census.gov   

The Census Bureau serves as the leading source of data about the nation's people, places, and economy.


Tri-Global Technologies     Booth 54     www.triglobal.net    

Like you, Tri-Global has sought to find the simplest and most field-friendly utility mapping applications available. Off-the-shelf solutions always tended to be designed for generic applications, advanced users, or were overall clunky and slow. Tri-Global develops innovative applications with field technicians in mind; allowing users to safely focus on field operations rather than advanced GIS or surveying tasks.


Headquartered in Athens, Georgia, Tri-Global developed its first utility data collection platform in 2003, UtiliMapper, and has continued to evolve its applications to support various smart devices, underground utility locate sensors, RFID/Electronic Marking Systems, GIS/CADD, 811 ticket management systems, cloud-based data solutions, and augmented reality viewers. Visit Tri-Global to experience the next generation of wearable GNSS mapping hardware from Asteri and field-proven software applications from Tri-Global and its trusted industry partners.


Tri-Global will feature DOT project success stories from Cobb Fendley/NMDOT - Next Generation SUE Mapping and 3M/VDOT - GPS/RFID Marker Program. 




Available|    Booth: 51 

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The Sheraton Grand Phoenix has 3 large patio areas available (100+) individuals capacity that can be reserved on the Sheraton property each of which has food minimums for usage (See requirements below).  The hotel can provide menus for hosting an event to any GIS-T affiliated vendor that would like to use these facilities.  GIS-T affiliated vendor hosted socials need to be on Monday and/or Tuesday nights.  The hotel has also made available suites for smaller hospitality venues.  These will be available on a first come first serve basis.   Contact Nicole Zepeda at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix directly to reserve the restaurants, suites, or ballrooms.  Her email address is Nicole.Zepeda@sheraton.com and her phone number is Phone 602-817-5326 or Mobile 602-571-9032. Be sure to mention that you are hosting an event in participation with the GIS-T Symposium.  Also copy Kim Phillips and James Meyer on any plans to coordinate functions at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix.



Questions, concerns and ideas for further sponsorships for GIS-T in 2017, may be relayed to Tom Tiner at the below contact information. 


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Contact Information

For more information please contact:


Technology Hall

Hussein Elkhansa, Hussein.s.elkhansa@wv.gov

West Virginia DOT
1900 Kanawha Blvd., E. 
Building 5, Room A 450 
Charleston, WVA, 25305
(304) 558-9657


Vendor Liaison

Tom Tiner, CP, GISP
Michael Baker International
300 American Metro Blvd
Hamilton, NJ 08619
(609) 807-9521 (Office)

(609) 240-6440 (Cell)