2019 AASHTO GIS for Transportation Symposium
April 23 - 26, 2019, Kissimmee, Florida

GIS-T Task Force

The GIS-T Task Force serves as the Steering Committee for the GIS-T Symposium. In addition to the Chair, a representative is selected from each AASHTO region. 

The members are:


Frank DeSendi Chair, REGION I: Pennsylvania DOT
Sharon Hawkins Vice-Chair, REGION II: Arkansas DOT
Shawn Blaesing REGION III: Iowa DOT
James Meyer REGION IV: Arizona DOT
Becky Hjelm At-Large Member: Utah DOT
Ian Kidner At-Large Member: Ohio DOT
Sarah Wray At-Large Member: North Carolina DOT
Penelope Weinberger AASHTO Liaison
Mark Sarmiento FHWA Liaison