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2003 Symposium Proceedings
The Evolving Frontier
March 17 - 19, 2003

5.1 Transportation Research Board - Rethinking Geospatial TechnologyPresenters
5.1.1Taking the 'G' Out of GIS

PRESENTATION File Size: 486.62 Kb
Graham Stickler Exor Corporation
5.1.2GIS-T: Still Waiting After All These Years

PRESENTATION File Size: 4097.16 Kb
Simon Lewis
5.1.3Geospatial Innovations

PRESENTATION File Size: 6102.81 Kb
Tony Pietropola Geodecisions
5.1.4GML, WFS and SVG: A New Frontier of Internet GIS

PRESENTATION File Size: 1615.4 Kb
Zhong-Ren Peng UW-Milwaukee
5.1.5Incorporating Geospatial Concepts (Not Just Technology) in GIS Education

PRESENTATION File Size: 52.97 Kb
Ann Johnson ESRI
5.2 Intelligent Transportation SystemsPresenters
5.2.1Solving Weather-related Transportation Problems with GIS

PRESENTATION File Size: 2482.23 Kb
Dr. Clive Reece Meteorlogix, LLC
5.2.2Inventory, Implementation, and Planning of ITS using customized GIS Tools

PRESENTATION File Size: 1032.63 Kb
Craig Gresham Mark Dunzo Kimley-Horn & Associates
5.2.3Distributing Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) using ArcIMS

PRESENTATION File Size: 2940.17 Kb
Louis Schoolkate GeoAnalytics, Inc.
5.3 MPO ApplicationsPresenters
5.3.1The Integrated Traffic Data and Video Exchange System: An Intelligent Transportation System for the Alemeda County Congestion Management Agency

PRESENTATION File Size: 2455.57 Kb
Jim Tucker Bentley Transportation
5.3.2Sharing Transportation Improvement Information using a Linear Referencing System in GIS, the Snohomish County Arterial Network Method

PRESENTATION File Size: 1356.23 Kb
Christopher Hansen TerraLogic GIS, Inc. Joel Birchman Perteet Engineering
5.3.3The Use of GIS in the 2000 Urban Area Boundary Update Process

PRESENTATION File Size: 4700.13 Kb
John M. Sharp Association of Central Oklahoma Governments
5.4 Data CollectionPresenters
5.4.1PENNDOT's Traffic Monitoring Sites Application: Improving Traffic Data Collection

PRESENTATION File Size: 640.32 Kb
Chris Allison Pennsylvania DOT Greg Ulp CIBER, Inc
5.4.2Highway Management Information System and Automated Inventory Collection

PRESENTATION File Size: 801.18 Kb
Michael R. Deamer Thomas N. Moen Enterprise Information Solutions, Inc
5.4.3Roadway Maintenance Feature Inventory Using a PC-based Video Solution

PRESENTATION File Size: 1663.87 Kb
Jason Dong Enterprise Information Solutions, Inc