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2006 Symposium Proceedings
Taking Flight
March 27-29,2006

5.1 MPO / Local GovernmentPresenters
5.1.1Creating a Transportation Database Using a Linear Referencing System (LRS)

ABSTRACT File Size: 13.88 Kb
PRESENTATION File Size: 880 Kb
Raja Andela Toledo Metropolitan Area COG
5.1.2Linear Referencing GIS - Implementation of a Dynamic Segmentation System for MVPRC's Transportation GIS

ABSTRACT File Size: 15.02 Kb
PRESENTATION File Size: 1121.56 Kb
Bethany Wagoner Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission Ami Parikh
5.1.3Using GIS for Culvert Inventory

ABSTRACT File Size: 13.95 Kb
PRESENTATION File Size: 1209.88 Kb
Shayne Gray Clark County GIS Department
5.2 Database Design and MigrationPresenters
5.2.1WSDOT Roads Geodatabase Data Model - Moving from Duel software environments to Support a Modern LRS System

ABSTRACT File Size: 14.73 Kb
PRESENTATION File Size: 1045.03 Kb
Shawn Blaesing-Thompson Washington DOT
5.2.2Roadway Geodatabase Implementation at the Colorado DOT: Core Roadway Classes and Data Transformations

ABSTRACT File Size: 13.44 Kb
PRESENTATION File Size: 209.95 Kb
Lou Henefeld Colorado Dept. of Transportation
5.2.3Migration of the Caltrans Spatial Data Library into an Enterprise Geodatabase

ABSTRACT File Size: 14.5 Kb
PRESENTATION File Size: 209.57 Kb
Diane Pierzinski California DOT
5.3 Safety / TrafficPresenters
5.3.1Establishing a Real-Time Crash Analysis System Utilizing ArcGIS Server Technology

ABSTRACT File Size: 14.12 Kb
PRESENTATION File Size: 3104.75 Kb
Sean K. Litteral Rahall Transportation Inst. Hussein Elkhansa West Virginia DOT
5.3.2The Adaptation of Geospatial Techniques to the Collection and Analysis of High Crash Locations at Nevada DOT

ABSTRACT File Size: 13.84 Kb
PRESENTATION File Size: 3139.48 Kb
Chuck Reider Nevada DOT Gerald Dildine Joann Mattson
5.3.3Mississippi DOT Safety Analysis Management System - Detailed Design and Alpha Software Release

ABSTRACT File Size: 14.55 Kb
PRESENTATION File Size: 1542.82 Kb
Matt Hiland GeoDecisions
5.4 GeocodingPresenters
5.4.1New York State's New Multi-purpose Road Network

ABSTRACT File Size: 13.75 Kb
PRESENTATION File Size: 1384.23 Kb
Frank Winters New York State DOT
5.4.2Creating and Maintaining Local GIS Data that Meets the Needs of the DOT

ABSTRACT File Size: 13.07 Kb
PRESENTATION File Size: 1079.54 Kb
Bruce D?Autremont Digital Data Technologies, Inc. Mr. Wilcoxen
5.4.3Creating A Location Based Response System

ABSTRACT File Size: 13.45 Kb
PRESENTATION File Size: 4692.29 Kb
Ken Chaffman Woolpert, Inc.