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2006 Symposium Proceedings
Taking Flight
March 27-29,2006

2.1 Ohio DOT Field OperationsPresenters
2.1.1GIS in Transportation - Data Based Decision Making for Front Line Managers

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Steve Henry Ohio DOT
2.1.2Maintenance Quality Survey of the State Highway System

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Michael Bline Ohio DOT
2.1.3Real-Time Tracking of Snow and Ice Maintenance Operations

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Diana Evans Ohio DOT Keith Swearingen
2.2 Web Data IntegrationPresenters
2.2.1Middleware and GIS - South Carolina DOT's Solution to Enterprise Data Access

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Mitch Stephens Intergraph Corp.
2.2.2One Click to the Next Drawing

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Vince Hamilton Michael Baker, Jr. Inc.
2.2.3Enterprise GIS Enabled Photo Log at Ohio DOT

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Joe Hausman Ohio DOT Larry Mattke Mandli Communications
2.3 GPS/GISPresenters
2.3.1Using GPS/GIS for Data Collection Quality Control

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Larry Mattke Mandli Communications, Inc.
2.3.2GIS Integrated Real-Time Snow Plow Tracking System

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Andy Shaw Enterprise Information Solutions
2.3.3ODOT District 4 Uses GPS to Update their Culvert Inventory

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James Bruner Ohio DOT
2.4 Federal DataPresenters
2.4.1The State Network Project

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Thomas Roff FHWA
2.4.2Integrating GIS in Highway Economic Requirement Analysis Tools for State DOT's

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Robert Mooney FHWA Maks Alam
2.4.3Spatial Data and Information Science Research Needs and Opportunities

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Harvey Miller Utah University TRB