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Mapping Gallery

Something New at the Mapping Gallery!

If your organization has a web mapping application they would like to exhibit at GIS-T you now have the opportunity to present it at the Mapping Gallery. Those who submit a web mapping application will be given time to show off and demonstrate its capabilities at the Mapping Gallery Reception. As with paper maps, web mapping applications will be judged together with the best overall web applications given awards. The same web mapping applications shown at the Mapping Gallery may also be part of a technical session presentation. Presentations at the Mapping Gallery should be more narrowly focused on the salient points of the web mapping application.

Guidelines & Policy

The Mapping Gallery exhibit area is reserved for professional and transportation agency projects and work. It is not intended to be a venue for private industry promotion. Posters are not to exceed E size.

General Guidelines:
1) No vendor or product advertisements
2) All submitted maps and web mapping applications must contain a list of products used to produce it and contact information. This information list will be displayed with the map and on the web mapping display
3) All submitters are encouraged to spend some time at their display to answer questions - especially from the judges - during the Mapping Gallery Reception which is held on Monday evening between 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Paper Map Guidelines:
4) Un-mounted flat maps/posters are easier to hang
5) Laminated products may reflect glare and be harder to assess
6) Size limited to Arch. E (36" x 48") when possible
7) Do not submit the same map for different categories - please choose the best fit
8) Agencies may submit a variety of maps/posters in appropriate categories
9) All submitters are encouraged to spend time with the maps during the Web Mapping Reception
10) All map submitters must also submit an image (in PDF) of the map to the conference. All images must be received no later than April 06th, 2012

Web Mapping Applications:
11) Every applicant will have 5 minutes to discuss their web mapping application during the allotted time at judging. Screenshots or a live demo will be accepted.
a. If the submission is a live demo and the application does not launch correctly, the submitter will use slides to illustrate the functionality of their website.
12) All submitters must supply 5 - 7 slides that will demonstrate the functionality of their website.
13) Web mapping applications must operate from a conference supplied computer. Additional software, specific to the application and not part of the conference's standard tool suite, will not be allowed

Mail your maps/posters no later than April 6, 2012 to:

Attn: William Johnson
GIS Data Management Section Manager
4201 East Arkansas Avenue
Shumate Building
Denver, CO 80222
(303) 512-4808

Submit web mapping application links, back-up slide show and PDF images of maps to Mark Bradford at
mark.bradford@dot.gov by
April 6, 2012.

For questions regarding criteria, judging, or maps, please contact Raquel Wright at (202) 493-6415 or Raquel.Wright@dot.gov

Paper Map Judging Categories

Transportation Publication

This category is reserved for "Official" publications by your transportation agency. GIS should be involved in some aspect of the product creation. Typically, these will be professionally printed maps produced in mass quantity. State transportation (travel) maps are a good example of this category. State rail maps, bike maps, and other professional publications dealing with any aspect of transportation also qualify.

Judging Criteria:
- Clarity of presentation
- Ease of use and comprehension
- Pleasing use of color and/or contrast
- Clear labeling and symbology
- Overall design

Information Usage

This category is for GIS-generated products which are used to convey information; or to synthesize multiple data elements; or to analyze and report results. The variations on how GIS is used to convey information are almost limitless. Items submitted in this category can be single-use, non-production elements or broadly disseminated maps and/or posters. These items are the common work-horses that we all use on a routine basis. Examples might be AADT maps, crash location maps, ride quality index maps, or transit stops. Whatever kind of information your area uses to accomplish its daily work, chances are someone is generating GIS products to help understand it.

Judging Criteria:
- Succinct title or caption
- Readability of relevant data
- Value added component
- Complexity of data
- Use of graphs, charts, or other elements
- Usability of information as presented

Public Presentation

This category is reserved for posters and/or maps that are prepared specifically for public meetings. They may be used as part of a charette or public information session but they must be intended for an audience. An example of a potential map would be one showing Preferred Alternatives on a project that is brought to public comment sessions.

Judging Criteria:
- Clear delineation of subject matter
- Potential for interaction
- Readability
- Overall quality
- Demarcation of area under study
- Scale relative to size

Effective Cartography

Please submit in this category, maps that are especially good at using cartography effectively to convey the map message. This can be as simple as making sure the elements that are essential get proper emphasis or they can be truly creative or complex. This is the category to submit the extremely well-done maps that take extra effort or thought to make it all work together.

Judging Criteria:
- Communication of map theme
- Placement of essential elements
- Overall use of space
- Effective symbols and icons
- Text placement, font, and size
- Weighting of map elements

People's Choice Award

The Symposium attendees will vote for their favorite display during the Mapping Gallery Reception on Monday evening.

Web Mapping Application Judging Categories

Savvy Web Mapping Application Award

The Symposium attendees will vote for their favorite web mapping application during the Mapping Gallery Reception on Monday evening.
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